It’s Good To Hear…

If we’re honest, we are a little obsessive about the small, finer details of our canvases and it’s not something we can switch off from once we close the door at the end of the day… Should we meander into a gallery in our free-time, we notice things…beautiful pieces of artwork on cheap-looking, inferior canvases – wonky, unfinished corners…split, splintered wood…unsightly, unsecure wooden wedges… It seems such a shame that the quality of an artwork can be tarnished by the poor quality of it’s chosen canvas and for an artist to invest their precious time and creative energy into a piece of work without recogonising that the quality of the canvas it is placed on only enhances the finished piece as a whole.

Naturally, it turned out we weren’t the only ones to notice. Conversations with gallery owners assured us of the need for great quality canvases. They told a similar story of exhibiting artists producing great art on inferior, cheap, mass-produced canvases. Gallery owner Nina Lording at the Echo Beach Gallery in North Devon is a great advocate of encouraging artists to invest further into their artwork by using a higher quality, superior canvas to enhance their artwork as a whole and raise the value of the finished piece – an obvious plus for the artist, the gallery walls and the gallery sales. In addition, the gallery can also have the confidence when they sell a piece on a great quality canvas that it will stay straight and true for years to come. All involved are happy.

Cheap canvases are generally of a poor quality – they often warp, twist and sag  – and will not stand the test of time. We recommend that you should only use canvases made to a standard that best represents and reflects the quality of work you produce. Yes, that’s right...canvases like ours. In addition to the traditional craftsmanship we offer, we merge a modern approach such as the expanding corner system we use - our artist’s using them have given us glowing feedback.

High quality doesn’t have to come with a high price tag. We’re not the cheapest canvas suppliers and we wouldn’t want to be. We are very proud of our canvases and the testimonials that come from our ever-increasing customers. Our pricing reflects how your canvas has been prepared specifically for you…bespoke, lovingly hand-crafted, meticulous attention to detail…those small, finer details that make that difference.

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