Stephen Paul Simpson

We always love to see what happens to our canvases once they have left us and many thanks to artist Steven Paul Simpson for his great comments about our canvases.

“I ordered a canvas for a commission piece for a collector who lives in Norway. I needed a high quality canvas and Fine Art Canvases didn’t disappoint. I’ve tried a lot of the big name manufacturers, some of which are a lot more expensive and I can honestly say that the quality of Fine Art Canvases is far superior. The value for money is second to none and the friendly customer service is excellent. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking for a quality canvas to work on – they really are a joy to work with.”

“Before starting a painting I sometimes draw a small thumbnail sketch, this mainly consists of where my light source is going to be positioned to give a pleasing composition. I then build up the pieces in a number of layers of relief texture and oil paint glazes. To move the paint around I use a combination of palette knife, brush and old rags to create earthy effects. By using heavy texture my work has an almost sculptural quality with a tactile surface. The combination of rough and smooth mediums coinciding with ever changing light creates the illusion of movement in the pieces. As a finishing touch I add a high gloss coat which makes my work dazzle in the light and look almost glass like.”

“The colours and texture I choose to use are inspired by all of nature’s Elements. Looking at the glowing embers of a fire or a storm at sea will make something just ‘click’ and I’ll be ready to get into the studio. Its nature’s sheer power which I strive to capture in my work. Sometimes the results will be soft and calm and others much more dramatic which all adds to the uniqueness and emphasises that every piece is totally individual. Each of my paintings have a Light source which gives them life, much like real life, without light there would be no life. I paint dark to create light, I look a lot at Turner’s work and the way he manages to give the illusion of light in his paintings.”

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